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I live in a nearby village, will my children be able to attend the nursery / school

Yes – we need to balance the need to support other local schools, but our school is not exclusively for the development


What will the class sizes be

Class sizes throughout the school will be set at 30 pupils per class. The school can be required to go over this number in exceptional circumstances. It is not anticipated that the school will be required to take pupils over this number due to pupil number forecasts for the St Austell area.


When can we apply to enrol children for the nursery and the school


Parents and carers will be able to apply for places at the school during the normal application window (September 2019 – January 2020) for places to start Reception class in September 2020. It is anticipated that applications will be made through the Local Authority.

Applications for places at the Nursery for September 2020 will also open from October 2019 and will be made directly with the Academy Trust.

Where will parents be able to park when dropping off their children?

The masterplan has taken into account the need to have access so a one-way system around the school has been designed.


How will school places be allocated?

As part of the opening process, the Trust will run a consultation with stakeholders within the local community. As part of this, there will be a consultation regarding the proposed ‘Admissions Policy’. This policy will set out the over-subscription criteria should more people apply for the school than the number of places available. We intend for this policy to fall in line with the model policy provided by the Department for Education with the over subscription criteria mirroring that of the existing ACE Admissions Policy.

 It is the intention of the Trust that parents and carers will apply for a place in the first intake through Cornwall Council’s admissions team. This will be outside of the normal ‘co-ordinated’ scheme but will run in parallel. Parents and carers will be able to apply for a place at the new school as well as other schools of their choice.


How will you ensure there are enough places for the Garden village residents in the latter construction phases?

We have future proofed the design so that future phases of the development will utilise the full scale of the school (which will have a limited size when it opens).

The school will initially cater for an intake of 30 pupils per year group, however the building will be able to accommodate future growth to 60 pupils per year. Our over-subscription criteria will also reference a level of priority to pupils living within a certain radius of the school campus, being mindful of existing school catchment areas.